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Africa is calling….

We are a platform deeply rooted in historic African culture airing out unique voices and views with regards to political social and economic transformation on the entire continent.

Did you know that the Bachwezi were believed to have come from the Ethiopian highlands? Same location where the Kushite Empire was located. They established an empire so massive that would leave its mark in African history.

An inspirational insight from a great yogi.

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Africa is calling

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Africa is calling…

We are deeply rooted in historic African culture and a free space/think tank for pan Africanism with a strategic aim of uniting all African voices within the continent and the diaspora. Kushite media is a study space and environment for all willing to learn and share knowledge to enrich others and themselves with African pride and methodology, igniting the fire that burns red beneath the skin binding us to one race. The african race.

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From time and again Kushite Media will be alerting and informing readers and members of this African revolutionary cause about the different activities around the continent in line with the ideology of Pan Africanism. Please endeavor to participate because your input is the African spark that we are looking for.

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A conscious mind is a treasure beyond value.

Ojok Engelbert

Never settle for less, and always know your worth.

Corom Mark Daniel.



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