What does it mean to be African?

No body actually knows but their some thresholds that are used to determine your ethnicity, there are things that are too African and some that look western but have been blended into the African culture. Just like the way black absorbs light and heat, the same way the African race has managed to maneuver andContinue reading “What does it mean to be African?”

Was Uganda really liberated, and from what?

Happy NRM Liberation day, a special day marked in history as significant time that the National Resistence Army (NRA) took over power and ushered in a revolution that would stand the test of time and establish a unitary government that has stayed in power for over 35 years. Many always assume that NRA came toContinue reading “Was Uganda really liberated, and from what?”

No doubt natural resources are the key to integration.

In the article dated, i asserted that natural resources could be the key to African integration. It is this communal acceptance of these gifts of nature that brought about civilization as we know it today. I further argued the need to harmonize the laws to allow projects that could benefit all countries that depend onContinue reading “No doubt natural resources are the key to integration.”

Africa could unite in a blink of an eye.

In the previous article we asked, “Could Pan Africanism have existed before colonialism?” well if you find this theorem new i suggest you click on the link or scroll back and get an insight of what we are having for dinner today. The african people have always had a unique societal structure and knowledge wasContinue reading “Africa could unite in a blink of an eye.”

Could Pan Africanism have existed before Colonialism?

Pan Africanism was an attempt to create a sense of brotherhood and collaboration among all people of African decent whether they lived inside or outside Africa, most people believe and think that the concept of pan Africanism started with the struggle to decolonize Africa from the colonial/ white man rule. This is because the notionContinue reading “Could Pan Africanism have existed before Colonialism?”

Natural resources could be the key to African integration.

Harmonizing continental regulations with regards to the exploitation of Africa’s natural resources may be the most viable step towards African integration. When we talk of African integration, many think of the entire continent under one political front with unified security forces. This is the final step of integration, and the simplest. How to get thereContinue reading “Natural resources could be the key to African integration.”

Should we really hit the breaks?

Today we continue from where we halted the discussions yesterday, Africa faces a much grave problem because the resources we have and intend to exploit are also being eyed by these super power nations who literally uncover control the state of politics within the different regions. To fully understand this article i would suggest youContinue reading “Should we really hit the breaks?”

Should Africa halt?

SHOULD WE HIT THE BREAKS? It seems that a United Africa is a dream and given the recent pandemic outbreak everything appears to be on a standstill. Schools have been closed, transport halted, economic transactions have been stalled. Most of the economies that are operational are running based on a digital economy. Are we crippled?Continue reading “Should Africa halt?”