What does it mean to be African?

No body actually knows but their some thresholds that are used to determine your ethnicity, there are things that are too African and some that look western but have been blended into the African culture. Just like the way black absorbs light and heat, the same way the African race has managed to maneuver and catch up with the global scene.

The Covid19 times have proven that the African s have been going through fatal diseases like Ebola that this Chinese flue has had less impact. The irony is we are depending on vaccines made by these countries because they claim to be of international standards. They should learn from Africa.

If the disease is global and Africa is least affected why don’t they recognize our vaccines. It makes more sense because there should be a scientific reason why African is least affected.

Again I ask what does it mean to be African? Is it the color of the skin or the heritage? I believe the blacks in the diaspora are African enough to know the continent and ways in which they adapted into a new culture in the foreign countries is very admirable.   

Is it the clothes that you wear, the traditional practices you attend, the songs that you sing or the languages we speak. Apparently no one actually knows because our traditional African values are being whisked away by the too much modernity that we are getting acquainted with.

Anything traditional has been faltered to be dark magic, or witchcraft. And no one wants to openly relate with people well acquainted with traditional medicine. That’s how knowledge is being faded away. Those that know cant pass on the knowledge because the current generation knows to prefer hospital synthesized medicine than original medicine, African medicine.

So if we walk, talk, and do Whiteman things does it mean that we have lost tack of what it means to be Africa? I’ve been privileged to meet different people from international countries, Canada, USA, Germany and many more. And it seems they are most interested in African traditions than the natives themselves. Most of them fall in love with mother Africa.

One of my great teachers once told me you can never find out the reason why things are a certain way unless, you ask the question why?

And this can lead you to a chain of series of series of more questions and you will come to the same conclusion if you keep asking why.  After getting the answer the satisfaction you needed might sbe a sham. That’s why most gurus and enlightend people like Budha and Jesus spoke less but with much impact.

Research shows that the cradle of life was in Africa which means even the white people are technically of African heritage. They are too ashamed to admit that Africans beat them at their own game. We quickly camouflaged into their ways, they thought they had colonized us instead they were enlightening us more.  The rebellions were a scare that provoked peace talks because Africans had become intellectual enough to have a mature conversation. That’s why they were tricked into organizing for us elections and independence day celebrations. Uganda for example was never colonized, was only a protectorate.

We need to stop wondering what is African enough and embrace the fact that we live in the most beautiful continent in the entire world.


Published by Thomas Lamony

Lawyer, Writer, Environmentalist, APS/Special Duties-State House Uganda, Artist of the mind. "There is no end to the writing and reading of books, neither is there an end to human evolution." The mind is a kitchen, cook something.

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