The future is female

LETS TALK ABOUT SEXUAL politics a comrade of mine once wrote an exciting article with regards to the same subject matter. She exhausted most of the facets with regards to it but left one crucial factor. Sexual politics has been core in African tradition since time in memorial, it is through intermarriages that peace and unity was maintained among the different tribes. This practice and norm is how new languages were formed. These languages unified and eventually created kingdoms and chiefdoms because they were so many in numbers and also demanded a say in the African political arena.

The Bachwezi Empire was so big but they did not all speak the same language, they expanded their kingdom through intermarriages.  it is only when the colonialists came and tried to annihilate the Africans but still failed. Instead we adopted their language, culture and used their technology and education to enlighten the African masses.

Even the biblical Queen Sheeba of the Kushite Empire is believed to have had sexual relations with king Solomon. And rumors among the Rastafarian community indicate that emperor Haile Selassie was a direct descendant of king Solomon. These facts can’t be proved but intermarriages have been one of the most used tools to create peace among rival families and clans.

The Bachwezi grew bigger because they mastered the art of manipulation and given the fact that most Africans were naïve, they didn’t not know that they were submitting to a greater authority.

In some African cultures visitors were given daughters and wives to have intercourse with visitors as a way of welcoming a way of welcoming them. Even among the Baganda it was believed that all women belonged to the Kabaka and he could choose at will any day and time which woman he wanted to mate with. The husbands to these women were honored to share their wives with the king because it was one of the biggest achievements, loyalty to the Kabaka was key and everyone was loyal to the crown.

Sexual politics is the dirtiest game of all; many wars have been fought because of women. They have so much control over men that they don’t realize that they are nothing but puppets. Women pretend to be vulnerable and the underdogs yet research and facts have proven that they can take over male dominated positions and even perform better. They are the Alpha but will never clearly admit it because they would like to play the fool to satisfy mans ego.

Incase of a war out break women and children are Sheltered first and men are left out their to slaughter each other to the death. We know of the great Yaa Asantewaa queen of the Ashanti empire which is now known as the modern day Ghana, she conquered many territories and was the protector of the golden stool

Sun Tzu in the art of war used the king’s concubines who had known nothing but leisure their whole life. He showed the emperor that nothing was impossible and turned them into lethal warriors whom he won many battles with. Women and men are equally strong. Sun Tzu built an army of women similar to that of Gadaf. Who had femal body guards.

Women run the world with men at the forefront doing their bidding. Women have a choice to work or not, but men do not have that satisfaction, man must sweat in order to eat. The biblical Samson was also let down by a woman, enough to show you that the strength of a woman is way beyond the physic.

Many fall for the sexual trap and are meant to believe that adult hood is about sex and that’s where they get disappointed, it is about building a legacy so that when departed there is something that they can be remembered for. We are supposed to learn from our mistakes and end the cycle of poverty.

Kazini James is believed to have been killed by his mistress, another example how a woman can manipulate an entire Army General. A woman can have 10 men and convince each one of them that they are her favorite or rather no. 1 and they will all believe because men are so dump that they think with their dicks rather than their heads.

The future is female, they always say that the father is the head of the family because he is the bread giver,,, provider but this is just ceremonial. Mothers command more respect from their children yet the fathers only command fear. Mothers make it look like fathers are so serious that they do not Condon any nonsense from anyone. Many Africans will admit that they were battered less by their father but fear their father more than their mothers.

Manhood has been reduced to ones performance in bed and this has been diver stating since many people can accept the fact that they are controlled by the female. Men have so much ego that they can not come to terms either these facts they try to be shames them by using insulting words like bitch which is okay because they get to enjoy sex more with multiple partners while the male gender keeps starving.

The mans strength is in word, they speak with authority which gives them power over women. Its only empowered women who try to out compete men by doing what they do hence falling into a trap of depression and misery that men go through. They realize that men actually sweat to bring food at the table.

Published by Thomas Lamony

Lawyer, Writer, Environmentalist, APS/Special Duties-State House Uganda, Artist of the mind. "There is no end to the writing and reading of books, neither is there an end to human evolution." The mind is a kitchen, cook something.

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