Should Africa halt?


It seems that a United Africa is a dream and given the recent pandemic outbreak everything appears to be on a standstill. Schools have been closed, transport halted, economic transactions have been stalled. Most of the economies that are operational are running based on a digital economy.

Are we crippled?

Africa is like a man who falls and cannot get up on his own but has to wait for someone to help him get up and walk. Once again I ask, are we crippled? This expression might be taken as an insult to the disabled using their condition that society deems to be an unfortunate condition.

We don’t need to impress anyone. That’s the biggest problem Africa faces, that even after decades after “colonization” we see the need to impress our former colonial masters. Any internal conflicts that we face and we look up to them to resolve our issues. A clear example is the international criminal court where puppet nations have been sending ex African leaders and those that commit atrocities within our boundaries.

We have been set free yet we chose to still live in cages, it’s high time we embrace our own capacities and take charge of what happens in our homes and back yard. When given the chance to make our own rules and build our own systems, what did we do?

We adopted their laws and apply them vigorously on a population and mass that is torn between their cultural norms and an alien culture. 

For instance it took about 50 years in Europe to bring about significant reductions in tobacco smoking even though scientific evidence for its consequences was unambiguous. Those with businesses and had interests did their utmost to conceal and misinterpret their links between tobacco smoking and increase risks of lung cancer. Even though they had known for some time that there was such a relationship.

We as Uganda are currently faced with an opportunity set to boost our economy, the oil exploration in the western part of the country has the capacity to rewrite East Africa’s position and define economics in a way like never before. We should also keep in mind the environmental impacts of such an economic activity, besides carrying out an environmental impact assessment, how feasible and practical is it? Developed countries are fighting against high carbon emissions, how can manage to cut through the checks and balances?

Developed nations are fighting against high carbon emissions yet we seem to be headed towards a direction they are fighting so hard to get out of… (To be continued..)

So many questions unanswered yet so many challenges ahead.

Lets keep up the spirit, and a dream of a united Africa will manifest.

Thomas Lamony

Writer, Lawyer, Director Legal Affairs/ Mwangaza African Revolutionary Study groups center. APS/Special Duties -State House Uganda

Published by Thomas Lamony

Lawyer, Writer, Environmentalist, APS/Special Duties-State House Uganda, Artist of the mind. "There is no end to the writing and reading of books, neither is there an end to human evolution." The mind is a kitchen, cook something.

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